"It's been incredible working with the contestants and the production staff. I am overwhelmed with the happiness and friendship developed from this undertaking of serving as the honorary chair of the Cottonfest Queen Pageant. I hope that this tradition and representation of the region's past and present heritage continue to provide the citizens a glimpse of how our agriculture and railway community became the biggest lil town in Texas. Our humble beginnings are celebrated today." - Ms. Paula Wakefield

Cottonfest Pageant Judges:

Oscar O. Ortiz, Elias R. Vasquez, Sam Santos, Patsy Saenz, Hillary Elizondo, Abel Tamez, Adolfo Lopez, Gus Barrera, Leticia Mondragon, Rose Mesa Harrison and Matt Terhune.

Special guests:

Miss Texas 2012 Miss Alexandria Nugent

2012 Feria De Las Flores Queen Miss Mariela Hernandez