The 4-H Food and Nutrition Project, which by the way is the most popular 4-H project and one of my personal favorites, includes things like nutrition, making good food choices, menu planning, buying, food preparation, food safety, careers, and cultural influences. The Food and Nutrition Project consists of at least six learning experiences, which may include: project meetings, tours, workshops, exhibits, sharing of knowledge, and community service activities.

The Food and Nutrition Project events give 4-H members the opportunity to share their knowledge and skills gained in project work. Major events are the County Food Show and County Food Challenge Team Competition.

The Food Show has three components which include preparing and presenting a dish, participating in an interview, and recording project experiences.

The Food Challenge Team competition is a contest that allows 4-H members to demonstrate their culinary knowledge and skills. The team of 3 to 5 members is given a set of predetermined ingredients. The team must develop a recipe and prepare the dish within 40 minutes. Teams then make a presentation to a panel of judges, explaining the preparation steps, serving size, food safety concerns, nutrition value and cost of the dish.Through 4-H Roundup members can also participate in the Food and Nutrition Quiz Bowl competition. It is a fun way to learn consumer information, food and kitchen safety, food preparation skills and storage, basic nutrition, and how nutrition affects health.

Nueces County also has a Canning and Yeast Bread Show and 4-H members can enter food in the Homemaking Division of the Nueces County Junior Livestock Show.

A 4-H member can then showcase their Food and Nutrition projects by completing a 4-H Record Book. Completing a 4-H Record Book provides the 4-Her an opportunity to report project accomplishments.

For more information regarding the 4-H Food and Nutrition project area please contact the Nueces County 4-H Office at (361) 767-5220 or visit their website at: