4-H. What a BIG meaning such a little term can proclaim. Now here you are reading this news article and you just may be wondering, “What can this possibly be about? A number and a letter…sounds really interesting doesn’t it?” Looks can be deceiving! Head, heart, hands and health are the four H’s being represented through our everyday actions as a member. “I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to a larger service, and my health to a better living for my club, my community, my country and my world.” Following in my brother’s footsteps, I myself have been around 4-H since I can last remember. Getting dragged to meetings as a toddler, not knowing what anyone was talking about, being around cattle that towered over me and just simply wanted to give me big fat kisses and licks to the face, I am proud to say I’ve had the privilege, fun, and experience of being involved in this wonderful program!

This year I moved schools to Calallen high school and many students just in the last couple of weeks have asked me “Why do you do 4-H, isn’t it just showing an animal and then selling it?” So many people get the impression that all 4-H is about is showing animals. You can, though what kids don’t realize is that there are so many more activities and engaging activities to compete in. There is livestock judging, photography, artwork, such as paintings and drawings, floral design arrangements, ag mech/ shop projects, welding and wood work, fashion designing and fashion shows, cooking and baking, food challenges, food shows, sewing and stitching, state round-up and the list just continues to run on and on without an end.!

One of my favorite events to look forward to is the Nueces County 4-H Lock In. The Bluntzer 4-H club and many appreciated volunteers put it on. There’s always room for more help! Every year an average of about 60-90 kids from all around the county come and enjoy the planned activities and can never wait for the next year! It’s usually held in the beginning of May and it is a night you won’t forget! From 7:00pm to 7:00am … it’s full of thrill and excitement… with just a little bit of chocolate and ice cream to keep the energy flowing! Bring some friends, an extra change of clothes and A LOT of energy and it’s a blast!

In that short twelve hours many activities are going on. Including: ice breakers, underwear relay races, which is when two kids are standing in a pair of 2xx large pair of underwear trying to get across a finish line, with many obstacles ahead … it’s quite entertaining!, water balloon volleyball, letters to soldiers, kiddie pool baseball, kickball, food challenge, make a commercial, football, egg head, bobbing for gummy worms and many other hysterical games!

The Lock-In provides many fun opportunities and maybe life changing events. It allows you to meet many new people in your county and make great new friends. Then someday along the road you’ll run into them and remember all of those funny events y’all participated in as a kid. So if you’ve never been apart of a 4-H organization, or you just want to come have a ball, you should come to the annual Nueces County 4-H Lock-In! It’s an event you won’t want to miss!