After 37 years of going separate ways, the band Steamboat Rock will be reuniting at the Cottonfest in Robstown.

Rene Munoz, Scott Elliff, superintendent of Corpus Christi Independent School District, and several other band members had dinner about a year-and-a-half-ago and wondered if they could get they band back together that they first formed in the '70s.

Their last gig together was in 1977.

We were just buddies, and it was something to do," Munoz said. "We just started jamming together."

Steamboat Rock played several local gigs around Robstown and for assemblies at Robstown High School. They split at the end of high school.

"Everybody kind of went on they're own," Munoz said. "A year ago, we decided to put it back together."

The last six months has been spent rehearsing for their reunion at the Cottonfest.

"It's pretty awesome to get the guys back together again," Munoz said.

After almost four decades apart, Munoz said they are excited to have their moment on the stage, but something may be a little different than people remember.

"We may look a little different," Munoz added.