San Diego showed great endurance at Friday's game, beating the Bishop Badgers at their home territory with a final score of 48-6.

"It's always good to go 2-0 in a district play," San Diego coach Bo Ochoa said. "I think us having a little success getting to the outside. I was happy with the line, doing what they had to do to get to the outside. All in all, I'm glad we're 2-0 in the district."

The San Diego Vaqueros started the game against the Bishop Badgers on a high note by scoring a touchdown on the third play of the game, quickly making the score, San Diego 7 and Bishop 0.

"We didn't show up to the first half. The second half, again, we didn't show up ready to play. What we wanted to do was our game plan," Bishop coach, Bo Ochoa said. "We had six turnovers in the first half. I don't care who you play, you can't win a ballgame with six turnovers in the first half."

The Vaqueros kick the ball to Bishop but the Badgers lost the ball on a fumble allowing the Vaqueros to recover the ball on the 32-yard line. Once again after three plays the Vaqueros scored another touchdown making the score, Vaqueros 14 and Badgers 0.

The Badgers obtain the ball and at midfield Badger quarterback Robert Olivares attempted to pass the ball but was incomplete. After a turnover, the Badgers lost the ball to the Vaqueros on the 17-yard line. The Vaqueros recovered the ball on the 7-yard line and then scored a touchdown once again making the score 0-21.

The Badgers get the ball once again on a turnover but Badger wide receiver Monte Garcia fumbles the ball giving the Vaqueros room to recover. Vaquero Lucas Lopez attempted two long yard passes but both failed.

The Vaqueros then got the ball on a turnover in the second quarter on the 21-yard line and Vaquero Eddie Garza scores a touchdown increasing the score Bishop 0 and Vaqueros 28. The Badgers get the ball but Badger running back Carlos Charles attempted to go up the middle and ends up fumbling the ball and having the Vaqueros recover.

Vaquero Luis Lopez breaks tackles throughout the second quarter taking the ball to the 27-yard line. San Diego makes two incomplete passes before losing the ball to an interception by Badger running back Victor Vera putting the ball on the one-yard line.

The Vaqueros are able to hold the Badgers back during the four downs ending the quarter with a score of 0-35.

The third quarter the Badgers showed some strength. They managed to get the ball from the 42-yard line all the way to the 11-yard line. They eventually scored a touchdown but a flag for holding against the Badgers took it away.

After the Badgers gained 15 yards they finally scored a touchdown but the two-point conversion failed. The score was Badgers 6, San Diego 35.

The Vaqueros didn't show any sign of backing down with Lopez breaking away from tackles and scoring a touchdown for San Diego adding to the score, 6-42. The third quarter ended with the Vaqueros holding off the Badgers at the 27-yard line.

The fourth quarter began with the ball on the 5-yard line giving Vaquero Reno Perez the chance to score. The Vaqueros attempted a field goal but it was no good, 6-48. In the end the Vaqueros continued to gain yardage and the Badgers did what they could to hold them off. The Vaqueros left Badger field in victory.