The Odem Owls made the San Diego Vaqueros work for their 48-44 homecoming victory Friday night. Luis Lopez broke the 200-yard rushing mark for the seventh time this season, helping San Diego (3-0 District 16-2A Division I, 7-0 overall) win the game. Odem quarterback Jake Ray made the Vaqueros work for their victory by constantly running the ball.

“Odem, they're explosive and I know their quarterback was out for maybe eight minutes or seven minutes and that helped us out to where we could get the ball back,” San Diego coach Bo Ochoa said. “I think all in all it was balance. We were scoring, they were scoring. It was a balanced game and I'm just glad we came out on top. Of course, Luis Lopez registered for another 200 yards and he's been doing that since the first game.”

The Vaqueros were the first to score a touchdown in the first quarter to start off the game with a 6-0 lead. But Odem was quick to catch up with running back Jacob Asevedo scoring a touchdown and quarterback Ray scoring a two-point conversion, giving the Owls an 8-6 lead.

“We knew it was going to be a battle. Their football team is well-coached and of course Luis Lopez is an animal. I mean, we just had to play better,” Odem coach Andres Martinez said. “My hat's off to San Diego. They're doing a hell of a job and I think they'll make some noise this year.”

Both teams played the first half scoring two-point conversions. Odem had the ball on the 14-yard line but Ray fumbled, allowing San Diego's John Herrera to score an 84-yard touchdown and Luis Lopez a two-point conversion to end the first quarter with the Vaqueros up 14-8.

Odem did have the upper hand with Ray throwing a pass to Zach Morales from the 40-yard line to the 15 and Ray eventually scoring another touchdown. Zach Candela added the two-point conversion to make the score 16-14 Odem.

The Vaqueros were quick to score after that but their attempt for a two-point conversion was no good, leaving the score 20-16.

Odem scored once more in the second quarter and so did San Diego. Luis Lopez scored a 9-yard touchdown but the extra point was was no good. A fpenalty against Odem allowed them a replay and the Vaqueros went for the two-point conversion, which Adrian Morin scored to end the second quarter with a score of 28-24.

San Diego was quick to score in the third quarter but Odem's quarterback was able to score a 71-yard touchdown, but couldn't get that two-point conversion, making the score 35-30.

San Diego's Eddie Garza was able to run the ball to the 10-yard line and Lopez was able to score a touchdown but a flag on the Vaqueros cancelled their two-point conversion, making the score 41-30.

Odem's Asevedo was able to run the 27 yards needed for a touchdown and the Owls gained their two-point conversion, but San Diego's Lopez gave the Vaqueros another touchdown. The Vaqueros went for the extra point this time, ending the third quarter with a score of 48-38.

The fourth quarter was brutal as Odem tried to score but San Diego held them back. It wasn't until there were 30 seconds left in the game that Odem did score a touchdown, but couldn't get the two-point conversion.