Driscoll Middle School's Cross Country Team competed on October 13, 2012 at the Ben Bolt Cross Country Meet. Driscoll runners received top honors, reinforcing their reputation as one of the standout programs in South Texas. The following Driscoll students placed:  seventh grade boys-Trinidad Pinon 1st place; Jason Colunga 4th place; Amadeo Martinez 5th place; and Anthony Dorame 6thplace; seventh grade girls-Alexia Garcia 1st place; Milexia Garcia 2nd place; Desiree Leal 3rd place; Aimee Bueno 5th place; Shaye Willoughby 7th place; Megan Colunga 9th place; and Alyssa Gonzalez 10th place; eighth grade students-Jeanette Corpus 3rd place; Meaghan Gonzalez 6th place; and Miranda Colunga 7thplace.