November 21

Robstown Police Officers received information about an arson that was going to occur on the 600 block of Petronilla Road. Officers were informed that the property owner offered to pay for his home and vehicle to be set on fire. The information obtained consisted of detailed information on how and when the fire was to start, what the person was to wear, and where to meet the homeowner after the incident occurred. The Robstown Police Department then obtained a warrant for arrest. With all the information obtained Joe Avalos was arrested on charges of Criminal Solicitation.

November 27

Officers were called to the 600 block of W Ligustrum for a report of Theft. When officers arrived they made contact with the reporting party and he stated he had gone out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday and when he returned he noticed his generator stolen. He stated he had it chained to the carport but that the suspect had cut the chain with bolt cutters. There is no other information at this time.

December 2

Officers responded to the 900 block of Iowa St for a report of burglary. Officers made contact with the home owner that stated sometime between 6 pm and 11:30pm some person or persons broke into her home thru a window. Some of the items taken were a laptop, a tablet, Beats head phones, gaming system, and other clothing items. There are no suspects at this time.

December 2

Officers were called to the 300 block of E Main St, the HEB store, for a lost child. Officers made contact with the store manager that stated she had walked around the store to locate the child parent and no one could be located. The officer and manager reviewed the security camera and seen the child come in with their family and when done shopping was seen leaving the store. The child stayed behind almost looking like she was hiding from their parent. The vehicle left the parking lot. Almost an hour later the mother of the child returned to the store and was asked about the incident and stated she was not paying attention. The officer informed the parent that this incident would be referred to Child Protective Services. There is no other information at this time.