The Calallen Wildcats, like other schools with football teams in the postseason, was without those multiple-sport athletes for the start of the season. While no one is happy the Calallen football team is done for the year, it has allowed those players to return to the basketball court.

The young season has been up and down for the Wildcats, but coach Randy Lowrance believes the best has yet to come.

“We've been playing probably, right now, about .500 basketball,” he said. “However, I do have all my football guys back now, and things look like they're going to get better.”

Not only will the returning players provide depth, but they also add size to the Calallen squad. Football's starting left tackle, 6-foot-5 Dillon Vaughan, will be a key addition to the group.

“He's really going to help us out under the boards,” Lowrance said. “He's a threat offensively too. Just having him helps out a lot.”

Vaughan is the only football player likely to enter the starting lineup, while Lowrance added a “couple” of guards as well.

Along with his height, Vaughan will also add to the number of seniors on the team, something their coach believes has been an early positive for the Wildcats.

“We're really pretty much a senior ball club this year,” Lowrance said. “All but one starter are going to be a senior this year, so I think the senior leadership is probably the biggest plus.”

Calallen participated in a seven-team tournament over the weekend, finishing fourth after going 3-3. While not all of the football players were back for the competition, the ones that were got valuable game experience.

“It's a big plus,” Lowrance said. “In the past, because of football, they used to not even get out here until close to Christmas, so it's been nice to have them. It's going to help them out a lot in the long run.”

The Wildcats took on Flour Bluff Tuesday in Calallen. The results were not available at press time, but Lowrance said the game would be a challenge.

“I know this about them this year, they have a lot of height,” he said of the Hornets. “They're a tough opponent. They're very well-coached, and so it's going to be a tough game.”