Students at Ortiz Intermediate shared the “Spirit Of Christmas” with residents at the Retama Manor Nursing Home in Robstown on Wednesday December 20, 2012. 

Most of the students had never visited a nursing home before and had no idea of what to expect. Some of them didn’t even want to go, thinking it would be a waste of their time.  Needless to say once the students arrived with their arts and crafts project and hot cocoa, they had an experience that will tug at their hearts forever. 

Students and residents mingled, made snowman coasters, chit chatted and a good time was had by all.  The residents shared stories about their families, careers, and hobbies. Some expressed how lonely they were because they had no families.  Many of the students were saddened and felt genuine empathy for those who would be alone this Christmas.  Students left the nursing home humbled.  5th and 6thgrade students tend  to be absorbed with the “self” and perhaps this visit gave them a different perspective besides their own. The students gave the gift of community service and being caring citizens.  That is a gift that cannot be labeled with a price tag.