Nearly five hours into the Nueces County Junior Livestock Show Queen’s Contest, the judges tabulated their scores, and the audience was surprised to learn there was a tie.

The 50th Anniversary of the event was a large one, with 22 of the finest young ladies Nueces County had to offer, competing for the top prize, a $5,000 Queen Scholarship.

But with a tie and the scholarship on the line, the contest immediately turned back to the question and answer section, where the five finalists had another opportunity to show the judges how they handle the pressure from being put on the spot with unknown questions.

Through the night the 22 contestants hand been judge through a number of contests, such as the interview portion, the opening number, the talent portion of the contest and the evening wear event.

The talent portion was an opportunity for all the contestants to show off there skills, everything from ballet, to singing, to American Sign Language, to acting and recitation, and musical skills, using instruments such as the piano, guitar and drums.

But in the end five finalists were selected, Abigail Phelps of Flour Bluff/Padre 4-H, Rebekah Wessels of 4-H Ambassadors, Kennedy Barron with Agua Dulce FFA, Makenzie Wright with Bluntzer 4-H and Lauryn Hefte with 4-H Council.

After a round of questions, where the finalists were judged on interview skills, poise, appearance and personality, the judges ended in a tie.

Another round of questions began, and each girl took her turn.

“If someone from Russia was going to visit Texas, where is the first place you would tell them to visit,” the announcer asked Wright.

“It would be Texas A&M College Station. Because that’s the place where everyone is so nice, and they great you with a ‘howdy’, and I think that makes you feel so warm and good inside,” Wright said. “It just puts a smile on your face. They are also so home-y, which makes you feel good, and that’s why I’d tell them to go to Texas A&M College Station.”

The judges broke once again to tabulate the scores, which the audience was introduced to 14 past NCJLS Queens, from the years 1968 to 2011. The 2012 NCJLS Queen Grace Ann Polasek served as Mistress of Ceremonies alongside Master of Ceremonies Tracy Wright.

Then, after a short period of time, the winners were announced.

Miss Congeniality, voted on by the girls themselves, went to Cassidy Hoyle. A new category, voted on by the alumni queens are Best Smile and Best Dress. Best Smile went to Rebekah Wessels. Best Dress went to Katy Womack. The Top Talent award went to Rebekah Wessels.

Fourth runner-up was Lauryn Hefte, third runner-up was Abigail Phelps, second runner-up was Kennedy Barron, first runner-up was Rebekah Wessels and Makenzie Wright won the 2013 Nueces County Junior Livestock Show Queen’s Contest.