Prior to the recent rash of school shootings, Tuloso-Midway ISD Board trustees had set aside funds from the recent bond issue to go towards security upgrades at several facilities in the district.

What the recent school shootings did do was move the school district to step up existing security measures, including the presence of law enforcement officers at all four campuses in the district. Previously the district had officers stationed at the high school and middle school. Officers are now placed at the intermediate and primary campuses, board officials said, which will continue throughout the school year, as they proceed with increased security measures.

The overall goal is an active shooter level of security at all campuses, which includes security lighting, office access points, security cameras, and improved lock and door systems using card swipes and keyless entries.

The overall improvements will be detailed in a cost proposal and go through a bidding process, officials said.

Security measures are already high at the primary and intermediate campuses, where teachers and personnel have been trained from the beginning to maximize the effectiveness of the security door systems.

“They were trained not to open that door,”Ricardo Rodriguez, pres. of REM Consulting, overseeing TMISD Construction projects.

The district will receive bid proposals in June, and the board could approve a contract as early as July.

The board also heard a presentation on a proposed drainage project for the upcoming Athletic complex. The drainage project will be let out through a competitive sealed proposal method, where the district will focus not necessarily on the lowest bid, but the bid that is the “best value”, based on several criteria.

The process for the drainage work is on a tight timetable, as district officials hope to proceed with the complex and complete the project in time for the 2014 spring athletic season.

The drainage construction phase would begin by April 19, according to the district’s timeline, with completion of the project 90 days later. The estimated construction cost is $150,000.

During the meeting,the board approved a negotiated maximum guaranteed price of $10,148,918 for the new Performing Arts Center at Tuloso-Midway High School, with a groundbreaking ceremony that took place Monday night. The project has a completion date of February 2014. The GMP amount is the most the project will cost the district, as agreed upon by both the district and the construction managers. Using a “construction manager at risk” situation, the district and construction interest will take a look at which subcontractors to pick based on the bids that come in. Rodriguez said that based on the recent bidding climate, there should be some savings on the GMP as stated.