In case you haven’t heard by now, coaches and brothers John and Jim Harbaugh will face each other in Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans on Feb. 3 when the Baltimore Ravens take on the San Francisco 49ers in the sport’s ultimate game.

Since they are the first brothers to be both be head coaches in the NFL, obviously it will be the first time brothers have met in the Super Bowl.

While some have already begun to complain about how much this storyline will be brought up, how can you blame the media, and just people in general, with being completely captivated by this scenario?

I don’t think those people realize the downright awesomeness of what will happen on that night in early February.

First of all, it is the Super Bowl. So whether it featured brothers on opposite sidelines or not, it would still be the best unofficial holiday of the year. Take all that and add the fact that two brothers are going head-to-head, and you have one of the most compelling pregame headlines in recent memory.

Let me say that one more time – two brothers are facing each other. In the Super Bowl.

How can you not be intrigued? In my opinion, any game that has a rivalry involved adds interest. This is the ultimate rivalry, something everyone with a brother or sister can relate to – sibling rivalry.

There’s nothing quite like beating your sibling. Whether they want to admit it or not, deep down most people want to top their sibling. This doesn’t even necessarily apply only to siblings that don’t get along. I believe whether you like your sibling or not, it always feels good to beat them at something.

That’s why this game is so special. Two brothers, born exactly 15 months apart, playing for the ultimate sibling bragging rights. Oh yeah, if they win they also get to hoist the Lombardi Trophy. That’s not a bad prize either.

This game, the “HarBowl” as it has already been dubbed, is for everyone with a sibling. John is not just representing the city of Baltimore, he’s not just representing the Ravens organizations, but he is also representing all the older siblings out there. Nothing is worse than being out-done by a younger brother or sister. More is expected of you as the older sibling.

Likewise, Jim is working for more than just San Francisco. He is going out there for all the younger siblings. All the ones who were picked on by older siblings. All the ones that were constantly beaten by older siblings in every competition imaginable. If Jim can best his big brother, it will be a victory for the 49ers and also for the younger siblings of the world.

Because of this, I think that secretly, there is a pinch more pressure on big brother John. Though he will probably never say it, and though it may not even be a big thought in his mind, there’s gotta be a voice inside him saying, “You can’t lose to your little brother.”

As a younger sibling myself, although I wouldn’t mind seeing either team be crowned champions, it would be nice to see Jim and San Francisco win one for all the little brothers and sisters out there.