January 17

Officers responded to an attempted theft at the local HEB grocery store. The store manager stated the subject put 4 briskets in his basket and tried to walk out the store with them but the doors on the produce side of the store where already locked. The subject left without the briskets.

January 22

Officers were dispatched to the 200 block of N. Upshaw for stolen property that had been recovered. When officers arrived they made contact with the reporting party that stated when he returned home he noticed in his garage that some extension cords and a coil pieces were missing from his garage. He immediately went to the local recycling center to inform the owners that he had these items missing from his garage when he recognized his items that someone else was bringing in. The police were called and the items were identified along with other items taken from his garage.

January 27

Officers were dispatched to the corner of FM 1889 and Cactus Rd for a hit and run vehicle accident. When officers arrived they made contact with the victim and could see the damage done to the vehicle. After making contact with the driver she stated the accident happened just inside the city limits where the speed limit changes to 45 mph. The driver began to slow down as the posted speed limit signs and noticed the vehicle behind her did not and ran into her vehicle, but instead of stopping the other vehicle continued down the road. The victim followed the suspect vehicle to get the license plate and then called police.