The Tuloso-Midway High School Decathlon Team competed in the region meet on Friday and Saturday, earning several awards.

Team members include Braden Sides, Victoria Thomas, Amorina Pearce, Bethany Griswold, Cristian Barbosa, Torian Manley, Will Steagall, Jacob Hunsaker and Eric Washington.

Students who won individual awards include Amorina Pearce Gold in Art and Bronze in Music, Bethany Griswold Bronze in Speech and Bronze in Language & Literature, Torian Manley Silver in Interview, Eric Washington Silver in Speech, Amorina Pearce Highest scoring Honors, Bethany Griswold Highest scoring Scholastic, Jacob Hunsaker Highest scoring Varsity.

Overall, the team placed third in Superquiz earning bronze medals and a plaque. The team placed fourth overall among medium schools in the region.

Coaches include Debbie Van Zandt, Sarah Walker and Gwynetta Hoelscher with additional instruction in music from Dr. Rivera.