The students at St. Anthony School in Robstown celebrated the 100th Day of School on Friday, January 18, 2013.

Each student collected 100 items to fill ziploc bags. They formed the number 100 during the assembly, and they prayed and sang “Psalm 100”. The Librarian, Mrs. Elva Ybarra, presented the students who read the most books with certificates and awards. 1st Grade student, Emanuel Villegas, read 113 books, which he started reading since August. Mrs Anna Gonzalez’s 3rd Grade Class, won a pizza party for reading the highest total number of library books. 4th Grade student, Berenice Navarro, received a certificate for being the 100th student out of more than 150 students enrolled this school year. To conclude the event which was held at the school’s new cafeteria, the students received a blessing from the pastor, Fr. Tony Blount, SOLT.