Beginning in January 2014, residents and business owners will see an increase in fees on their utility bills with the addition of the Street Maintenance Fee charge.

The fee, which is estimated to bring in $11.4 million annually, is for maintenance on streets in good and satisfactory condition and will pay for overlay and seal coats to prolong the street’s life. The fee applies to properties with active water meters and benefitted properties within the City Limits that do not otherwise pay utilities. Taxing entities such as public schools, the hospital district, chartered schools and the Regional Transportation Authority are exempt from the fee. (The RTA contributes annually for street maintenance.)

Last week, the City Council approved an amended ordinance establishing the street maintenance fee and the ordinance establishing policy and rates for the fee. The amended approved street maintenance fee has a rate of $5.38, a square footage cap of 118,000 per meter on Non-Residential properties and a trip factor cap of 5.78.

Benefited properties are assigned to one of two main categories; residential and non-residential. Residential is comprised of both Single Family Residential and Multi-family Residential. Multi-family includes all attached housing (apartments), mobile homes, manufactured homes and RV parks. Non-Residential is the commercial and industrial sectors.

• RESIDENTIAL: The fee for residents is a $5.38 monthly flat rate per dwelling unit for Single Family Residential and $2.42 per dwelling unit for Multi-family residences.

• NON-RESIDENTIAL: The calculation of the street maintenance fee is (square footage/1,500) times the trip factor, times the $5.38 base rate per meter. There is a cap for buildings larger than 118,000 square feet per meter. There are 129 ITE (Institute of Transportation Engineers) trip factor categories based on land use. The trip factor is capped at 5.78. Single businesses having multiple meters for which the total billable square footage exceeds the 118,000 cap will be billed as if they had a single meter.

o Fee = (SF/1500) x TF x $5.38 per meter

If you are unsure how to calculate the approved street maintenance fee, an estimator reflecting the updated figures is now available on the city’s website at