Judge Tom Greenwell was found dead in this office on the 8th floor of Nueces County courthouse Monday evening.

Greenwell was found by the cleaning crew in his chambers, reports said.

He had a gunshot wound and Corpus Christi police are investigation the incident. Reports are now saying Greenwell shot himself.

Former judge and now commissioner Joe A. Gonzalez said Greenwell was a “good friend.”

“He got along with republicans, democrats — everybody,” Gonzalez said. “He did his job and did it well, what happened was a tragedy.”

Greenwell was first Republican judge elected in 2002 to the 319th District Court. He won a third term after running unopposed and did not have to give up his seat unless he is elected to the 13th Court of Appeals.

Greenwell leads the county veterans’ court and has served as a staff attorney on the appeals court and was chief of the court’s legal staff from 1991 to 1996. He worked in private practice until he was elected district judge.

“It was unexpected,” Gonzalez said. “He’ll be missed that’s for sure.”