Tuloso-Midway school board was presented an update Monday on the REM construction bond projects, some completed and others to be completed around September.

The middle school switchgear replacement where all the electrical breakers are stored was installed successfully ahead of schedule. The station was expanded to store 6 units at a cost of $325,000.

The High School Athletic Sports Complex in phase one included drainage improvements with new football practice field. The price tag is $450,000.

Landscaping at the Primary School was completed with new irrigation system with plants and trees along with hybrid seeding and mulch. The plants has a one year warranty. The cost was $125,000.

The middle school Jim Cooper Auditorium improvements will be completed by September at a price of $1,977,440. Existing structure is being renovated with better acoustics and LED lighting for reduction in electricity cost. The middle school and administrative building will have improvements to its roof and replace non-compliance conduits and stands. This project will be completed by October costing $863,800.

In the arts department, the high school Performing Art Center is expected to be completed by March 2014 with an estimated cost of nearly $9 million. The project recently laid out the cement for its base.

The administrative office at the high school was completed on July 19 at a price of $698,321.

New band and choir halls were completed with new acoustic tiles and replacement panel walls along with new energy-efficient lighting for $420,443.

The high school natatorium renovations includes a new drainage system, new bleachers, booth for judges and scoring, new ventilation system and non-slip cool surface area. The new construction is $2.2 million. The natatorium will be ready for competition by September. A new extended patio area with canopy and new additional restrooms will be completed in mid-September.

The new fuel tank replacement project, which is a non-bond project, will be completed by September at a cost of $344,950. After the tanks are tested and everything is in place, the old underground tanks will be removed.

“It’s the best technology,” said Superintendent Dr. Suzanne J. Nelson.

The board also discussed the new FEMA Safe Shelter Dome project and approved the wording or the contract. The dome will include security lighting and a kitchen to be used as concession stand. If built according to federal regulations, FEMA will fund 75 percent of the cost. Completed date is June 2014.

In another agenda item, the board reviewed its proposed tax rate. The Maintenance and Operations tax effective tax rate is $1, estimated M&O rollback tax rate is $1.04, which is a decrease from 2012 rate of $1.06. The I & S estimated tax rate is $0.2771, a slight increase from last year’s rate of $0.2636. The total tax rate is estimated at $1.3171, which is a decrease from last year’s rate of $1.3322.

“The future is pretty bright,” said Philip Carroll, business manager. “I don’t think there’s another district like us.”

The preliminary 2013-2014 budget of $22.2 million is expected to have a surplus of $1,071,183. The budge includes salary increases for administration, maintenance officials and school police officers.

The school district’s tax base is expected to increase by 20 percent and enrollment has been one of the highest.

“Easily we have 300 a class,” Nelson said. “That’s a wonderful problem to have.”