The Court of Appeals, 13th District of Texas, has handed down a judgment in the Aquarius Street project. The court ruled in the City’s favor and declared the Aquarius Street project was included in the 2008 bond issuance. The court also ruled the plaintiffs who sued the City were not entitled to any relief.

In 2011, former City Councilman Mike Hummell filed a lawsuit asking the City to stop moving forward with the Padre Island road project claiming it deviated from what voters approved in 2008. Residents living along Aquarius Street hired Hummell, a local attorney; because they were upset about the scope of the project and worried it would bring more traffic into their neighborhood.

First Assistant City Attorney Alison Logan said, “We have always been confident that all actions taken by the City in this case were pursuant to the laws of the state. The City Council was right all along.”