Corpus Christi firefighter James Thibodeaux’s quick thinking saved a woman from a scary situation when he heard screams coming from a California motel.

Thibodeaux was staying in a Carlsbad, Calif. Motel when he heard yelling coming from another room. The cries from a young woman alerted the firefighter. She was being held against her will.

Apparently the woman was meeting an individual who claimed to be a photographer. She thought she was going to a photo shoot.

Thibodeaux notified police and watched the room until police arrived.

Because of his willingness to get involved, the woman was rescued and the man unlawfully restraining the woman was arrested.

The Corpus Christi Fire Department presented Firefighter Thibodeaux with the department’s certificate of commendation for his heroic actions on Monday.

Carlsbad Police Department Detective J. Smith stated Thibodeaux’s actions kept the situation from becoming worse.