The intersection of Staples and South Padre Island Drive was closed for hours Friday morning after a car hit a truck tractor and caused a fuel spill.

A black 2007 Chrysler Seabring 4 door car travelled east on the 5600 block of South Padre Island Drive at 2:42am. The car was in the left lane which is designated as a "turn left only" lane at the intersection of Staples. A red 2004 Freight-liner truck-tractor was in the lane with the option to continue straight or to turn left on Staples. The truck-tractor turned left to travel north on Staples and the car went straight through the intersection on SPID and Staples. The car struck the truck-tractor and caused the fuel tank of the truck-tractor to break open and spill the diesel fuel.

No person was injured in the crash. The 43-year-old operator of the truck-tractor got out of the truck unharmed and got away from the vehicles as a fire burned the vehicles. The 21 year old operator of the car also got out of the way of the fire before he was injured. There were no other occupants to the vehicles.

Corpus Christi Police arrested the 21 year old driver of the car, John Williams for Driving While Intoxicated.

The truck-tractor had a load of screens on a semi-trailer.

The freeway was closed completely for about five minutes while the Corpus Christi Fire Department extinguished the fire and contained the fuel spill before the fuel entered the storm drain. Westbound traffic was opened to travel, but the eastbound traffic remained closed and no traffic was allowed under the overpass until about 7:30 a.m. when the turnaround lanes and the freeway were opened. Workers continue to clean the fuel spill as of 8 a.m. and have various lane closures at Staples and South Padre Island Drive.