John Paul II Catholic High School held it’s first school day of the year on Monday morning.

The private school began their day at 8:30 a.m. where the student body and faculty met in the cafeteria for a quick assembly before heading to their first period class. The campus is going on its eighth school year with principal Perry Le Grange leading the school. Le Grange is going on his fifth year as principal.

“Our goals is just to continue to improve on our academics to move forward,” Le Grange said. “Each year more and more students are wanting to get college credit while they’re in high school so we try to cater to those students.”

Le Grange said the school is working hard on getting dual credit courses for its students. He said students are eager to not only obtain high school credits but also college credits. The school strives to be a safe environment for the students. Le Grange said they do their best to prevent any type of bullying and their goals as a school is to keep students safe and happy.

“It’s a very spiritual place, we take pride in that,” Le Grange said.

The school has a small student body with about 350 students registered for this school year. Classes average 18 to 20 students, maximum being 25. Le Grange said the small student body allows for teachers and students to form a close bond with one another.

“(We’re expecting) a little bit of confusion but other than that it will be fine. It gets a little easier every year but the kids are fine, they are excited to come back,” Le Grange said.

Students have kept a presence at the campus over the summer with some in either athletics or band. The school holds Mass for the students once a week on Wednesday afternoons and try to do a daily Mass for both students and faculty before school.

“We get to pray in the classroom. We have an assembly after first period, we come and pray and have announcements with the faculty and students,” Le Grange said.

The school held freshman/new student orientation during the summer to allow students a quick tour of the campus and a chance to take a peek into the classrooms. John Paul II High School is a private Catholic school which calls for a tuition fee and have special-made uniforms that are bought at the campus store.

“We’re excited to be back. I’m looking forward to a great year,” Le Grange said. “We have a lot of new people and a new athletic director in place and we’re looking forward to a very positive year.”