Several students from WarCats Taekwon Do attended the National CTF Black Belt Test held in Daytona Beach, Florida this summer and earned their Black Belts or higher ranks. Earning their 1st Degree Black Belt were: Seth Colsa, Nathan Garcia, Jada Moore, Jose Palacios, Melissa Puentes and Gavyn Viducic; Earning their 2nd Degree Black Belt were Isabelle Chamberlain and Josh Whitaker; Earning her 3rd Degree Black Belt was Jaclyn Lopez. Earning their 4th Degree Black Belt were Master Alexia Gonzalez and Master Rene Ramirez. Earning his 7th Degree Black and owner of WarCats Taekwon Do was Senior Master Reymundo Gonzalez. Senior Master Rianard Jackson also from Corpus Christi earned his 8th Degree Black Belt.

“In all my years of teaching, this is the first time ever we get 100% passing rate”, says Senior Master Gonzalez, because unfortunately not everybody passes their test. These students spent a lot time preparing and working hard to earn this level of proficiency. Getting a Black Belt is not easy because there are always obstacles along the way and one must learn to overcome those obstacles. Our students learn respect, confidence, discipline, self control and most all perseverance. “Having been a public school principal for 17 years I have seen a lot”, says Gonzalez, and “I believe that if students and people in general were to just respect each other, a lot problems could be avoided. I always told my students “you don’t have to like everyone you meet but you will respect each other and leave each other alone.”

WarCats Taekwon Do just moved into a new 4,500 sq. ft. facility located in the Westwood Shopping Center in front of the Tuloso Midway Middle School. Senior Master Gonzalez is a retired Principal and now teaches Life Skills through Taekwon Do full time. For more info call (361) 816-1504.