With his first ever year as a professional fighter now in the books, Kingsville’s Oscar Cantu will place his unblemished 4-0 record on the line when he faces Francisco Camacho (2-4, from Matamoros, Mexico) on Saturday.

The two will step into the ring for a six round bantam weight match which will co-headline ‘Fight Night II’ at the Richard M. Borchard Fairgrounds on Saturday, August 31

“I know that Camacho is a tough fighter who will come after you,” Cantu said. “He has already fought in a number of six rounders, including his pro debut.”

This will be Cantu’s third six round match.

“I love the six round matches because they allow you more time to work on your opponent,” Cantu said. “In a four rounder, like in the amateurs, you have to fight at a faster pace. But six round matches allow you to work on your game plan a little more.”

The Kingsville native previously earned his first career knockout when he stopped Mark Hill Duncan in the sixth round of their match back in May 11.

A win on Saturday, will bring Cantu to the halfway point of where Golden Boy Promotions may finally offer him a contract.

“We have been talking to Eric Gomez (Golden Boy Promotions Vice President) and Robert Diaz (lead scout) for a while now, who both tell me that they are great fans of mine,” Cantu said. “I have sent them all of my videos, they love the way I fight. And they have told me to build up a little more experience (about ten fights) and that they would like to sign me at that point.”

But the young Kingsville fighter is not hurrying himself, or trying to pad his record by fighting tomato cans.

“The amount of fights I am getting per year right now (four) is perfect,” Cantu said. “In the pros, you have to do a training camp before a fight which is not like in the amateurs. The professional training camps are tougher and harder, and you are there for longer periods. I just completed my first year as a pro and four fights per year is fine with me.”

At that pace, Cantu could be looking to add his first professional hardware to his congested amateur trophy case.

“A lot of the other fighters who were in the amateurs with me are still fighting four rounders in the pros right now,” Cantu said. “They are also fighting against guys who are not as tough as my opponents are. By this time next year, we want to start challenging for some titles, start calling out some of those guys.”


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