Work is underway on renovations at Corpus Christi International Airport that will give customers new food and beverage choices when they visit the airport. Tailwind, a company that specializes in airport food and beverage concessions, is investing about $300,000 to modernize the existing restaurant spaces at CCIA. The renovations include a complete overhaul of the look, feel, and menu offerings at the airport.

“We are excited to see the changes taking place here at CCIA,” said Aviation Director Fred Segundo. “Our customers have come to expect a certain level of convenience and comfort at their airport,” said Segundo. “The new concessions will take that concept to a new level.”

Tailwind is converting the large bar and restaurant in to a venue that has more of a pub feel with an aviation theme. The main bar and restaurant will be in the same location in the terminal as before but will be accessible by travelers who have already cleared the TSA security checkpoint. “Travelers spend more time than ever actually in the airport before they depart on trips,” said Kim Bridger, Marketing Manager at CCIA. “This change will better serve customers who like to arrive early, clear security and enjoy a meal and a drink while waiting for their flights,” said Bridger.

With names like “RadarBar” and “JetStream Burger Bar,” Tailwind will create an environment that lends itself to a travelers’ frame of mind. Travelers will also find a coffee, pastry and sandwich bar on their way to departing flights.

The renovations are expected to take several weeks to complete. During the renovations, Tailwind will be providing food and beverage service to airport customers, though on a limited basis at times.