The best way to get kids into the outdoors is hunting and fishing!

With today's modern electronics and teen choices, a child's attention span can be so wide, we tend to be content with keeping them indoors.

Not every kid will like the outdoors, but this doesn't mean they won't grow up to enjoy the outdoors. One of the biggest questions I get asked as an avid hunter and fisherman is 'what is the best way to get my son or daughter interested in the outdoors?'

My answer is always basically the same, growing up as a kid on a farm and ranch my dad never made me do things I didn't want. He never pushed me and he always made it fun for me.

Therefore you need to make it fun and never push a kid to do something they don't want to do!

The first rule when hunting with kids is don't make them stay after they get bored.

If a kid gets bored and wants to go home after a few hours in the deer blind, take them home if you want them to come again. You really want them to remember the entire experience as being fun, not bored.

One thing that works great is pack a lot of snacks, kids love that. When taking a kid hunting or fishing the one thing you must not do is scold them when they miss a shot or don't catch a fish. You want to be positive and say things like “you'll get them next time” or that was a great shot, but you missed.

One of the best ways to introduce your child to the outdoors is get them to take the hunters safety course it's a great way to teach them the outdoors.

Here are five ways to help get a kid interested in the outdoors.

1. If you live in a house create a child friendly backyard.

2. Give a kid a place in their bedroom where they can display nature treasures that they find and want to keep.

3. When you take a kid to the park and other nature areas, allow them to explore. Let them decide which trail they want to take. Stay nearby for safety, but don't interfere or help unless asked.

4. Encourage plenty of time outside.

5. Take advantage of the natural resources available in your area. Take your kids canoeing, kayaking or fishing.  

Remember, all kids want to do is have fun. So keep it simple and fun and you will have long-lasting memories.

Coming soon "Take a Kid Fishing Day.”

Stay tuned to Joe's Brush to Bay on how your kid can go on a fishing trip with us.

Now let's see today's catch of the week and we'll see you in the brush or on the bay!