The Benavides game against Bishop Friday night was cancelled during halftime due to a lightning alert.

The Eagles faced off against the Badgers at Javelina Stadium but were not able to claim victory. Injuries, fumbles and conversion costed Benavides the game.

The game was moved from Bishop to the Javelina Stadium due to rain. The Eagles began the game off to a good start, scoring a touchdown soon after kickoff. Quarterback Scott Sanchez passed off the ball to number 88, Jacob Garcia, down to the 20-yard line. The pass was nearly intercepted by a Badger player but was unable to hold onto the ball and Garcia was able to recover the ball. Sanchez then ran for a 20-yard touchdown untouched by the Eagles offense. Eagles went for a two point conversion but Sanchez pass was incomplete to Israel Cavazos making the score Badgers 0, Eagles 6.

The Eagles victory was short lived as the Badgers were able to quickly score themselves. The ball was on the 47-yard line after the kickoff return from the Eagles to the Badgers. Dillan Gonzales, with Bishop, was able to run up the middle untouched by any Eagles players and score touchdown. Bishop went in for the field goal but the kick was blocked. Unfortunately, Bishop was able to recover the ball and score a two point conversion bringing the score, Bishop 8, Benavides 6.

It wasn't long after Bishop scored that one player from each team was ejected from the game for unsportsmanlike conduct. Eagles Adrian Longoria and Badger Adrian Fernandez were involved in an altercation on the field.

The Badgers eventually found themselves at the three yard line after a fumble from the Eagles. Badger player Roy Saenz then ran the ball to the endzone for another touchdown for Bishop. Gonzales then ran the two point conversion making the new score for Bishop 16 and Benavides 6.

After another fumble scare for Benavides, Sanchez throws a pass to the 40-yard line only to have it intercepted by Badger player Jamin Lira. Lira ran the ball all the way to the three yard line and Gonzales goes in for the touchdown. The new score for Bishop was 22, Benavides 6.

The Eagles couldn't keep from fumbling the ball with Sanchez passing to Noe Guzman, only to have Guzman lose the ball and Lira recover it at the 29 yard line. Badger Nate Gant runs the ball all the way to the 10 yard line where Gonzales passes to Lira for a Badger touchdown. Fortunately for the Eagles, Bishop faced a penalty nulling the touchdown void.

Bishop was quick to come back from the penalty with Gonzales passing to Carlos Charles for a Badger touchdown. Bishop was unable to score the field goal bringing the score Bishop 28, Benavides 6.

The Eagles tried to score a touchdown but too many fumbles gave the Badgers the upper hand. Bishop practically scored again when the Eagles fumbled the ball at the 40 yard line. TJ Allen from Bishop was able to give the Badgers yet again another touchdown. Bishop attempted a two point conversion but a flag on the play caused Bishop to go for the kick, which they made. The new score was Bishop 35, Benavides 6.

The Eagles didn't have any better of a start in the second quarter, fumbling the ball as soon as the play started. Both teams went back and forth losing the ball and recovering it but Badger Jared Garcia was able to score a 24-yard touchdown with Nick Colecio scoring the two point conversion. Bishop score was 43, Benavides 6.

The Eagles did gain some yardage but conversion made it the Badger's ball. The Badgers ended up scoring twice more ending the first half with the score Bishop 57, Benavides 6.

The game was shortly cancelled after a lightning alert went off indicating lightning was ten miles from the stadium. The audience was crowded underneath the stadium before the announcer called the game.