The Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 910 held their annual POW-MIA Day Ceremony on Saturday.

The ceremony, sponsored by the Corpus Christi's Mayor's Committee for Veteran Affairs, was held at held at Sherrill Park with a crowd of veterans and families looking on as past and present Prisoners of War and soldiers still missing in action were honored.

The gloomy skies were in stark contrast to the energy of the event. The showers held out and the sun even made an appearance as the Color Guard was presented, and several guest speakers took their place at the podium.

The ceremony's keynote speaker was former Vietnam POW Ken Wallingford.

Wallingford spent more than 10 months imprisoned in the jungles of Cambodia by the Viet Cong, until his release in Feb. 1973. He is currently the Veterans Liaison for the Texas Veteran Land Board, where he has held his position for more than 20 years.

Navy Chaplain Lt. Stephen Warne opened the ceremony with a prayer and invocation.

POW-MIA Day honored the four MIA's from the Vietnam War, including one Naval Aviator, three Army soldiers and several others still others missing from previous wars.