The Corpus Christi Police Department will begin an alternative response plan to minor vehicle crashes, barking dogs, and unruly children calls on Oct. 1, 2013.

"The reason is the Corpus Christi Police Department spends 15,000 man hours responding to calls for minor accidents," said Corpus Christi Police Chief Floyd Simpson. "We are trying to recapture those hours."

The alternative response is in the assessment of the report.

For vehicular accidents that do not involve injuries that require ambulance transport and the involved vehicles can be driven away from the scene, Corpus Christi Police will respond to the accident to determine severity of the crash.

Drivers will then be responsible for completing and submitting a Texas Department of Transportation Form CR2 (Official State Form), found on the TxDOT website.

Citations will be written for regulatory violations, such as no driver’s license, expired registration, or expired inspection.

Citizens are also encouraged to open up a dialogue with neighbors about barking dogs or other complaints that fall under the 'Nuisance Complaint' category. If neighbors fail to cooperate, citizens are then encouraged to document the incidents and to fill out a 'Nuisance Complaint' form, which can be found on the city website. In response, The City Prosecutor’s Office will send out a letter of notice to explain the nuisance on the first offense. A person who would like to file criminal charges for a second offense must make a formal complaint at the City Prosecutor’s Office.

Further, Corpus Christi Police Officers will no longer respond to calls for “unruly children.” Parents should call their respective schools’ attendance officers to respond to children who refuse to attend school.

By implementing these changes Police Chief Floyd Simpson hopes that 6,500 man hours a year will be recaptured.

"The hope is that these officers can be refocused into our core mission," said Simpson.

These changes go into effect Tuesday, October 1, 2013.