It was homecoming night Friday at Cotton Picker Stadium, as Robstown went up against the Kingsville Brahmas. The Pickers faltered, ending the game with the loss. Kingsville won, 27-0

Energy was high as both teams bursted onto the field kicking off the first quarter, but it was the Brahmas that leveled up first. With a touchdown only a minute and half into the first-quarter by No. 5, Deandre Bergen, Kingsville seemed determined to dominate.

The Cotton Pickers stumbled through the first half, only making occasional gains. Another Kingsville touchdown by No. 15, Adrian Rivera, solidified their domination, ending the first half with the lead at 14-0.

The third quarter began with Robstown on the receiving end of the kickoff, but a great show of defense by Kingsville kept the Cotton Pickers at bay throughout the quarter.

Three minutes into the fourth quarter, the Brahmas delivered another touchdown play when No. 11, Isreal Villarreal, completed a 10-yard pass from Bergen, making the score 20-0.

The Cotton Pickers had a glimpse at hope when No. 26, David Molina, intercepted a Brahmas pass to make a 45-yard touchdown. But the play was all for not when an offsides penalty was called against Robstown. The touchdown did not count and Kingsville was given a 5-yard gain.

With a minute left in the fourth, Kingsville player No.14, Omar Hinojosa, scored one final touchdown, and No. 9 succeeded with the kick.

The Cottonpickers will next battle it out against West Oso in another home game Friday, Oct. 11.