Hi everyone from Joe's Brush to Bay, Well my first “Take a Kid Fishing Day” tournament was a SUCCESS!

The night before was storming but when the sun came up it was a great looking day. The wind was blowing and the lake was rough but the fishing was good. The kids arrival was slow in the morning, but before I knew it the flood gates opened and the kids came pouring in.

We initially started with 15 kids but grew fast to 45, and the anticipation on the kids face was priceless as the Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Wardens Jesse Garcie and Noe Gonzalez adjusted the life jackets on the kids. Slowly one-by-one the boats arrived to line up to get the kids loaded up and the smiles on the kids grew bigger and bigger as a dozen boats filled the parking lot.

The trophies were as shiny as the smiles on the kids and all the kids gathered around the tables filled with toys and prizes as they all pointed to what they wanted to win. After a short safety presentation they loaded up and hit the water. I recieved several phone calls from the boats telling me that they were reeling the fish and the catching begun.

I took four kids out and we landed close to 10 fish per kid. That was awesome and you should have seen the excitement. As the boats came back to the boat ramp the calculation started and just about every child had their five fish tournament limit.

It was a great day and the tournament went on without a hitch. The kids were also treated to a great Texas style BBQ with hamburgers and hotdogs, and after the kids ate, the awards presentation started. My heart was filled with joy as my first kids tournament was in the books and the most inportant thing was that it was safe and all the kids had a great time.

I was even asked by several parents and kids that they wanted to know when the next tournament was going to be held and I told them, "Soon." I want to extend my thanks to all the sponsers and boat captains and all the people who helped at the tournament. Now let's see some of the winners and sponsers at the tournament and remember stay safe and we'll see you in the Brush or on the Bay!