A screenplay written by Edward Tyndall, Assistant Professor of Media Production at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, was the recent winner of the Parks Avenue Award in the Drama category of the 2013 New York Screenplay Competition.

‘Falfurrias’ follows an orphan of the Mexican drug war as she embarks on a journey to gain undocumented entry into the United States to reunite with her dying sister.

“It took my about a year to get to the current draft of Falfurrias. I expect to continue to go through script development all the way up until we shoot,” Tyndall said.

Recently, the screenplay was also chosen as a Second Rounder for the Austin Film Festival Screenplay & Teleplay Competition. ‘Falfurrias’ was chosen out of 8,648 entries to go to the second round of judging.

“We are excited for this opportunity to network and be a part of the Austin Film Festival because it is one of the top film festivals in the country for its focus on screen writing,” Tyndall said.

Between writing drafts, Tyndall spends his time teaching students about the craft of screenwriting and film at TAMU-CC. He focuses on giving his students the essential elements of story in order to help them hone their craft, and become successful in the field of film.

“I think the key to success in film is twofold. First, people have to make what they can with the resources they have so that they can develop their craft,” Tyndall said. “Second, you have to really fall in love with the process of making the work.”

Tyndall’s love for the process leads him to continue refining ‘Falfurrias’ with hopes of a summer 2014 production start-date.

“We'll continue to develop the script as we try to find locations, cast and financing,” Tyndall said. “I don't like to rush production and feel like with this film, the locations and cast are tremendously important.”