You might be wondering what 4-H is all about. The 4-H program was originally formed as an agricultural organization that mainly focused on farming. But the organization has many chapters in urban areas and now teaches youth public speaking, provides science, technology, engineering and math education, and encourages community involvement. The mission of Texas 4-H is to prepare youth to meet the challenges of childhood, adolescence and adulthood, through a coordinated, long-term, progressive series of educational experiences. These experiences enhance life skills and develop social, emotional, physical and cognitive competencies.

The 4-H program is a community of young people across America who are learning how to be leaders. They also focus on citizenship and life skills. Young people can make new friends, develop new skills, become leaders in their communities and have fun while learning.

Young adults involved with 4-H are given a chance to pursue their own interests from photography to computers, from building rockets to raising steers. There is a list of 4-H projects available online. Members may go to camp, to state and national conferences where they learn to be leaders and active citizens.

Many 4-H clubs exist in Nueces County. Each club has an officer team where officers learn to conduct meetings, handle club funds, and facilitate group decision-making. 4-H members in Nueces County give back to their communities by volunteering with projects to protect the environment, mentoring younger children, and helping those who are less fortunate.

For more information on the Nueces County 4-H program please contact Texas AgriLife Extension Service, 710 E Main Ave Ste 1, Robstown, TX 78380.