If you attend your first 4H meeting reluctantly, because you do not live in the county or you feel inexperienced in terms of agricultural information, take heart because 4H has something for everyone. Not everyone will grow up to be a farmer. We all need to have a great appreciation for our farmers, without them we would all be starving!

Without our cotton farmers, we wouldn't have clothes on!  In reality, 4H is an organization that encourages youth to develop leadership skills and serve their community. It is an organization that helps us become better citizens. We each cannot solve the world's problems, but when we work together we can make a positive difference.

I encourage each one of you to look around you. If you see an area that needs to change, start thinking about it and bring it up at your next 4H club meeting. Whether that leads to a trash pick-up, collecting food and clothing for flood victims, visiting the elderly in the nursing homes, raising money for your volunteer fire department, etc. Your 4H club can make a positive difference that impacts our community, our country and our world!