This September starts another 4-H year here is Nueces County. My name is Cori Snyder and this will be my 10th year as a member of Chaparral 4-H Club.  I joined when I was in third grade.  Now I am a Senior at Calallen High School and this will be my last year.  

    We had our first meeting this month and after roll was called, new members were introduced. There was five new members, all from third grade. It made me think about all they have to look forward to and all that I have done.  There have been so many experiences that I can look back on.

    I will be raising my 10th pig for the Nueces County Junior Livestock Show, I still remember my first pig.  Her breed was Landrace and her name was Polly Pig!  I picked her because I thought she was cute.  Over the years I have learned to look for other details besides cute!  

    I have learned to use power tools for building shop projects.  I remember how my mother always had to go in the house because she didn't want to watch me using the chop saw!  My dad has been an excellent teacher, always stressing safety.

    I have been involved with photography both in and outside of 4-H and was excited when it was added to NCJLS.  I also compete in the Nueces County Photography Contest and have seen how this art has changed.  We used to print out 8X10 photos and glue to foam board, attach a label and deliver to the 4-H office for judging.  With the advancement of technology, photos are emailed in for judging.  This has made it is simple and really makes it easy for everyone to enter their photos.

   Over the years I have been on the Consumer Decision Making Team, entered cookies, canned items, bread and cakes in lots of contests, done lots of volunteer work, participated the NCJLS Parade, represented my club as a NCJLS Queen's Contestant, been on the county Relay For Life team, ran Beach to Bay, made lots of friends and have learned many valuable lessons.  This is my second year as a 4-H Ambassador, and I'm proud to represent Nueces County in a positive way.

    So as my last year begins, and the new members begin their first year, we have so many things to look forward to.  I hope they enjoy every year as much as I have.  And really, it's not the end of 4-H for me, I will always be a supporter of Nueces County 4-H and Texas 4-H.