November 5 is the day Texans will decide their future. Mark it on your calendar. More important, get out and vote for Proposition 6 which, if passed, will secure water for Texas families, jobs and agriculture.

Proposition 6 is one of nine Constitutional amendments up for vote on November 5 and by far the most important. Simply put, Proposition 6 provides $2 billion from the state’s Rainy Day Fund to create a self-sustaining bank account to finance water resource programs in Texas for the next 50 years. With it, Texas will have sufficient water to grow cities, jobs and agriculture. Without it, the Lone Star State’s economy—the bright spot of the nation—will wither.

A recent Lyceum poll showed among those most likely to vote, Proposition 6 is leading by a comfortable margin. That said, comfortable margins have been known to disappear.

In today’s troubled political climate, where so many people are against everything, a comfortable margin could easily evaporate. People who are against are generally more motivated to action than people who are for something.

Also, the biggest block of those casting ballots is expected in Houston, where two big issues—a hotly contested mayor’s race and a decision on whether to refurbish the Astrodome—are expected to draw a large vote.

Some analysts say up to a third of the statewide vote could come from Houston, where lawns are green and water not considered that big of an issue. That could be bad news for the water funding amendment.

Fortunately, Texas Farm Bureau members can be a secret weapon on the Proposition 6 ballot.

In 2009, during TFB’s Proposition 11 eminent domain campaign, analysis showed Texas Farm Bureau influenced at least 61,322 voters who were TFB members—more if you count billboards and signs—to participate in passing that private property rights amendment that might not have otherwise.

Our efforts helped drive they needle in that election. They can for Proposition 6, too.

Early voting starts October 21. Election Day is Nov. 5. Texas Farm Bureau members can have an outsize influence on this constitutional amendment if we get out and vote.

Invest in your future. Vote ‘Yes’ for Proposition 6.