Corpus Christi Police arrested a man and a woman at a store on South Padre Island Drive for Organized Retail Theft Sunday night.

A Corpus Christi Police Officer responded to a theft complaint from a retail store at 6101 Saratoga Boulevard. The Officer broadcast the suspectís description on the two-way Police radio which prompted another Corpus Christi Police Officer to check the parking lot of an other store at 1821 South Padre Island Drive for the suspects. The Officer at 1821 S.P.I.D. found the suspects in the theft from the store on Saratoga and continued to investigate.

Officers discovered evidence to support an accusation that the stolen retail merchandise was bartered, sold, or otherwise disposed of in a manner beyond ordinary theft.

Corpus Christi Police arrested 30-year-old Bonnie Vidrio (11/11/1982) and 31-year-old Joel Garcia (9/3/1982) for Organized Retail Theft and delivered them to the city detention center.