A 34-year-old woman reported to the Corpus Christi Police that an unknown man took her purse and pushed her 4-year-old child to the ground on the 4300 block of Delano Drive Tuesday afternoon.

The 34-year-old woman told Officers that she walked on the sidewalk with her child in a stroller when an unknown man grabbed her purse. The 34-year-old woman told Officers she refused to let go of the purse and struggled with the man for a moment. The 34-year-old woman told Police the stroller with a three-month old child was about to fall over because of the struggle, so she let go of the purse. The 34-year-old woman told Officers that the man then intentionally pushed her four-year old girl to the ground which caused the child to hit the back of her head on the sidewalk. The 34-year-old woman said the man then ran north on Robert Street.

Only minor injuries were reported and no arrests have been made.

The suspect is described as a white male about 30 years of age with short brown hair and wore a dark blue shirt and black pants.