Corpus Christi Police arrested a 43-year-old man for kidnapping a 36-year-old woman Wednesday, Nov. 13.

Corpus Christi Police responded to several calls of a man who displayed a handgun to a woman while she was in the drive through of a restaurant. The man with the handgun got into the driverís seat and drove away with the woman in the womanís white sport utility vehicle.

A Corpus Christi Police Officer saw the white sport utility vehicle in a parking space at a bank next to the restaurant and confronted the kidnapping suspect, 43-year-old Craig Davis. The 36-year-old woman got out of the vehicle and Davis reversed the vehicle into two vehicles behind him. Davis exited the vehicle and ran on foot to the north side of South Padre Island Drive where Corpus Christi Police apprehended Davis.

Davis was arrested for Aggravated Kidnapping, Aggravated Robbery, Criminal Mischief, and Evading Arrest. The victim was not injured. One Corpus Christi Police Officer received a minor injury, a cut to the face during the struggle with Davis in an effort to apply handcuffs. Davis was exposed to the electronic control device in order to place him in police custody, and was not injured.

Davis was then delivered to the city detention center.