Thirty-eight ninth and tenth graders from five area schools competed in the Second Javelina Cup Mathematics Competition sponsored by the mathematics department at Texas A&M University-Kingsville.

Kevin Davila, a sophomore from Banquete High School, earned the first place award at the competition, a $1,500 Texas A&M-Kingsville scholarship. Bethany Vasquez, a freshman from Santa Gertrudis Academy High School, placed second and received a $1,000 scholarship. Johnny Reyes, a sophomore from Banquete High School, earned the third place award of a $500 scholarship.

Vasquez joined Hunter Bowers, Severo Garcia and Elsie Garcia on the Santa Gertrudis Academy High School team, which took the first place team award. Davila, Reyes, April Gonzalez and Leighann Rosas were part of the second place team from Banquete High School. Mykala Blevins, Ashley Killion, Jake Galloway and Brandon Munoz made up the third place team, from George West High School.

The top 25 winners received $25 iTunes cards. Winners included Kevin Davila, Johnny Reyes, Hope Ranly, Hailey Ranly, Leighann Rosas, April Gonzalez, Amber Lantz and Kassandra Rodriguez from Banquete; Bethany Vasquez, Hunter Bowers, Severo Gacia, Elsie Garcia, Billy Asch, Justin Barerra and Houston Allen from Santa Gertrudis Academy HS; Gilley Aguilar, Elizabeth Ledesma, and Blake Dupont from Riviera HS; Mykala Blevens, Ashley Killion, Jake Galloway, Brandon Munoz, Chase Galloway, and Lane Mcclelland from George West; and Tristan Frerich from Odem High School.

The other schools participating in the Second Javelina Cup Mathematics Competition were Riviera High School and Odem High School.