Corpus Christi Police arrested 26-year-old Ashlee Allan (8/23/1987) Wednesday night for Child Endangerment after she drove a maroon 2004 Ford Taurus on the 400 block of Everhart with a 3-year-old on her lap while she evaded arrest or detention from the Corpus Christi Police.

A Corpus Christi Police Officer saw Allan drive with the 3-year-old child on her lap at 10:13 p.m. The Officer initiated a traffic stop, but Allan drove away as the Officer walked up to her car. The Officer followed Allan for about five minutes until Allan stopped the vehicle. The Officer discovered a second child about 2 years of age in the back seat and then arrested Allan for Evading Arrest in a vehicle.

Allan was issued a citation for the unrestrained child and then a charge was added for Child Endangerment after consideration for the circumstances in which the children were subjected.