CORPUS CHRISTI -- Tuesday, the Tuloso-Midway Warriors took the court against visiting Alice. But the night was much more than T-M's 57-30 rout, it was about honoring a fallen teammate. T-M held a ceremony retiring the jersey number of Chris Gelinas, a Warrior basketball player who passed away last year of cancer. Gelinas would have been a senior this year, and his teammates made sure to honor his memory on the night. "It means everything to us," Gary Gelinas, Chris' father, said. "Tuloso-Midway basketball and Coach (Bobby) Craig are like family to us. The fact that they honored my son like that means the world to us. We're really touched. It was a hard time fighting back tears the whole night. "These guys are like a second family to us, and they haven't stopped being that over the last year. It just means a lot to us that our son's name's going to be up in the trophy case for the rest of the world to see as time goes on. " Craig described Chris Gelinas as a "gym rat" who loved the game of basketball. "He was here in the mornings early, played after school, he played whenever he could. He loved the game," Craig said. "He was very knowledgable. Sometimes you get kids that don't know an old school player - he knew everybody. That was probably his best attribute, is that he knew the game. He was a student of the game. He just loved basketball. He loved life, too." When events such as these happen in the world of sports, teams often come together in the wake of the tragedy. But knowing Chris, Craig would not use such a term. "We didn't look at it as a tragedy, because tragedy was for other people that never met him," Craig said. "I don't think that word was ever used. It was a privilege to know him...Like the plaque says, he's looking over his friends, he's looking over his family, he's looking over this basketball team."