The Rise School of Corpus Christi held its sixth annual Christmas program on Thursday, Dec. 19, as several children from two classes at the school performed Christmas songs for a crowd of proud parents.

The program was a collaboration between the school's music therapist, Melody Perez, and the teaching staff, including instructional assistants Mrs. Martinez and Mrs. Nisbet. For the past several weeks, Perez had been working with the children in each classroom to prepare them for the program, by choosing music which was developmentally appropriate for their age.

"We're showing the skill development of our children through music, and how they address our curriculum; which is teaching strategies and how they're achieving them through music," said Perez.

While the focus was mainly on the children during the program, the evening was just as important for the parents, who were finally able seeing their children in a new light.

"It affects the parents. You see your child being successful and doing things you've never seen them do," Perez said.

Gifts were also provided to the children during Thursday night's program, from as special donation by L.U.L.A.C., which also donates money to the school each year.

The Rise School of Corpus Christi looks to provide the highest quality early childhood education to all children including those children with developmental disabilities, and such events like their annual Christmas program spotlights the progresses made by each and every child, each and every year.

"This is a great opportunity for our children with developmental disabilities to shine," said Perez, "and that's what the Rise School is all about."