Corpus Christi Police arrested two people for murder warrants, two people for evading arrest, and recovered a stolen vehicle at the 8200 block of South Padre Island Drive on the night of Jan. 3.

The Comal County Sheriff’s Office contacted the Corpus Christi Police Department to search the area of South Padre Island Drive and Paul Jones for a murder suspect that may be in a stolen white Lexus sedan. The murder investigated by the Comal County Sheriff’s Office happened January 1, 2014.

A Corpus Christi Police Officer saw a white Lexus sedan in the area of a hotel located at 8202 South Padre Island Drive. The Officer followed the Lexus and learned it was the same vehicle sought by the Comal County Sheriff’s Office. The Officer initiated a traffic stop, but the vehicle accelerated from the Officer until it stopped at the 1200 block of Preston Drive.

Two men ran from the Lexus after it stopped. Corpus Christi Police Officers chased, and apprehended the two men which were 35-year-old Marty Forehand (10/30/1978) and 18-year-old Daniel Smith (10/6/1995). Forehand was arrested for unauthorized use of a vehicle and Smith was arrested for evading arrest.

Corpus Christi Police Officers learned that Forehand and Smith were not wanted in relation to the homicide in Comal County. The Lexus was taken to the city impound.

Corpus Christi Police Officers went back to 8202 South Padre Island Drive in an effort to locate the murder suspect and saw a Ford F-250 leave the parking lot. Officers stopped the truck and a man and woman jumped out and ran from the truck. Another man and woman remained in the truck and were detained by Officers. Other Officers chased and captured the woman, 19-year-old Skyler Burghart (8/9/1995) and discovered Burghart was wanted in relation to the murder in Comal County.

Officers set up a perimeter and used the Patrol K9 and the Texas Department of Public Safety helicopter to search for the man who ran from the truck. After a short time, Officers found 18-year-old Austin Byrum (9/12/1994) who was also wanted in relation to the murder in Comal County.

The 19-year-old man, the 18-year-old woman, and the 9 month old child who remained in the truck when Burghart and Byrum ran, were released with no criminal charges. The truck was taken to the city impound lot. Corpus Christi Police are not searching for any other person related to this event.

Officers delivered Forehand, Smith, Burghart, and Byrum to the city detention center.