The Homemaking division of the 79th Nueces County Junior Livestock Show (NCJLS) kicked off on Monday, Jan. 13.

Five categories make up the Homemaking division, including foods, photography, clothing, creative stitchery, and arts & crafts. This year, there are 4,633 entries. The foods and photography categories began their judging by at least 40 volunteer judges on Monday, with the rest of the categories beginning their judging rounds on Tuesday.

"What it takes to be a food judge- I guess have to like food; but we like somebody who has a little bit of expertise in baking, not just in taste," said Lari Ainsworth, Homemaking Coordinator for the Nueces County Junior Livestock Show. "There's no specific requirements, but we like to get as much professionalism into the judging, just for quality sake because not one judge judges everything."

The NCJLS runs mostly on the support of its volunteers, and Monday's event had more than 40 volunteer judges lining up to taste homemade cakes, breads, salsas and jars of many pickled things. 

"We take as many volunteers as we can get," said Ainsworth. "I've been doing this for may years, and we've gotten it down to a smooth flowing machine, which is good because between registration and parents and everything else; I don't know if it could be anymore of an organized chaos than it is."