January 8, 2014 Case# 1400053

Officers were called to the 600 block of Jackson Ave for a report of burglary. When officers arrived they made contact with the resident that stated they leave the house every morning around 8 to drop of the kids at school and go to work. When they returned home they found the house was ransacked and items were missing from the home. The front and back doors of the home were still locked. The victim believes they may have entered thru a window that had an a/c unit in it. Some of the items taken were a charm bracelet, earrings, blue ray movies and a Playstation 3 along with games.

January 13, 2014 Case# 1400091

Officers were called to the 300 block of Magee Ln for a report of theft. When officers arrived they made contact with the owner of the vehicle that stated when he stepped out of his home to smoke a cigarette he noticed the car door was cracked open. He went inside the home to ask his wife if she had left anything in the car overnight and she stated she had left her cell phone in the car charging. He went back out to look for the cell phone and could not find it. He believes that someone entered the car and took the cell phone.