It was weigh & sift day on Wednesday, Jan. 15 for the Market and Fryer Rabbits division at the 79th Nueces County Junior Livestock Show.

Several contestants gathered in line to weigh their rabbits, hoping that their rabbit would not get sifted. Many of the contestants, like seven-year NCJLS veteran Colton Hughes of Tuloso Midway FFA, were just trying to stay calm.

"I feel like they're going to be a pretty good bunch," said Colton of his rabbits. "I've always placed within the top fifty."

Looking back on his seven-year journey with the livestock show, Colton says he's learned a lot from his experiences, such as the necessary trait of staying calm.

"Don't stress out, just take it easy. Don't push and pull and push and pull; just kind of take it slow and work with them," said Colton. "This takes a lot of commitment and a lot of responsibility."

As for ten-year-old Maddie Rendon of Bishop, Texas, and her family, the lessons she's learned from her first year raising rabbits come down to the most basic.

"Rabbits stink," Maddie said, with a smile, "but it's hard work too."