The Robstown Fire Department had a fight on their hands Wednesday morning as a brush fire erupted in a palm tree farm on County Road 44 near the intersection of Canal Street.

According to the Robstown Fire Dept., a call came in at approximately 10 a.m. reporting the brush fire. When crews responded, most of the palm trees in the farm were fully engulfed. Robstown crews proceeded to attack the fire, but put a call out for mutual aid because of the size of the fire. Annaville, Bluntzer and Flour Bluff Fire departments responded and assisted in putting the fire out.

"We had a pretty good northern blowing in, which caused the fire to escalate more than usual, but we were able to contain it to the northern quadrant of the field," said Ricardo Gonzalez, Fire Chief of the City of Robstown. "It took us approximately two hours, maybe an hour and a half to put the fire out."

Approximately five acres of the palm tree farm, which at one time was owned by Fox Nursery, were damaged in the fire. A natural gas check valve was also in the corner of the property, causing concern for the fire crews.

"We were able to bulldoze the area around it, clean it up, and make sure that the fire didn't hit those valves," said Fire Chief Gonzalez.

The cause of the fire has yet to be determined as the Robstown Fire Department is still conducting an investigation. No injuries were reported.