Participants moved in their steer to Exhibit Hall A for the All Beef Cattle division of the 79th Nueces County Junior Livestock Show on Wednesday, Jan. 15.

For contestants such as Michael J. Perez, Mary Carroll FFA, and first-year contestant Myranda Menn of Calallen FFA, move-in day marks the culmination of months hard work and labor, getting ready for the main attraction.

"I feel like I have a great chance. I've got a great steer, but I've got remember that part of it's the steer, and part of it's me," said Michael. "I've got to remember to keep his head up, make sure his feet are positioned well, make sure he's got a good position, and to make sure the judge can get a good look at him."

Michael has remembered to do so in the past though, as he's placed first in his class and has snagged Reserve Breed Champion. As is the main theme of the livestock show, Michael has learned a lot from his seven-year experience at the Nueces County Junior Livestock Show.

"It's taught me a lot of responsibility. It's taught me leadership too, but it's taught me to be more responsible."

As for Myranda, she's just glad to be taking the experience in, watching others, and learning from her first-year experience.

"It's really fun meeting all the people, seeing all the steer, and learning new things," Miranda said. "I hope to learn more new things, like how to control him better."

"Just make sure you have fun with it," Michael said. "It's all fun, as long as you have a good time."